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Spray-Insulation Home page of Spray Insulation Limited. General description of applications for spray applied polyurethane foam for the DIY market.
Handi-Foam Kits & Prices Our product range - A comprehensive range of expanding foam spray kits for all your DIY insulation needs.
DIY Spray Insulation in the Home  
Roof, Loft and Attic Insulation Save energy costs by reducing heat loss through your roof, loft or attic. Insulate with DIY spray foam. Spray on insulation can also save you from re-roofing by eliminating tile slippage.
Insulating Barn Conversions Renovating a barn or similar conversion? Don't want to be ripped off by unscrupulous contractors? Why not do it yourself (DIY) with spray foam insulation?
Cavity Wall Insulation Injection foam for insulating cavity walls
Summerhouse Insulation Insulating summer houses with spray foam insulation. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
Spa bath and Jacuzzi Insulation Stop your hot tub from costing you a fortune in heating bills by insulating it with Handi- foam before it's installed. Also useful for those repair jobs
Soundproofing All you need to know about soundproofing using foam
Boating and Marine  
Narrowboat Insulation Spray on foam insulation for narrowboats, canal boats and barge enthusiasts.
Buoyancy Foam Buoyancy foam and flotation foam for keeping boats floating and keeping water out.
Commercial Applications  
Foam-in-Place Packaging Protect your valuable items from rough handling by using Handi-Foam for custom foam shapes which mould around items in the box
Sealing Insulated Panel Joints Handi-Foam kits are perfect portable partners on construction sites for sealing gaps and joints in cold store and other insulated constructions. The Foam cures in minutes unlike aerosol expanding foam.
Stage Prop Foam A carveable, sandable foam which can be painted, moulded and sprayed for a variety of artistic foam projects. Offers significant advantages over polystyrene
Spray Foam Articles A list of current topics involving spray applied foam insulation
Useful Information on Spray Foam  
D-I-Y Practical guidance to help you insulate with confidence.
Calculating the Quantity of Foam Required A practical guide to measuring up and calculating how many foam kits you will need for a project
Spray Foam Technical Data Detailed technical information on the properties of sprayed polyurethane foam, including density, U value, permeability and loads of other data.
Health & Safety Material Safety Data Sheets - what you should know from a safety point of view.
FAQ's Frequently asked questions and answers.
Troubleshooting Having problems? Look here for common problems and solutions.
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