Spray Foam - Do it Yourself?

In the past, spray applied insulation required specialist (and expensive) machinery, and was generally done by specialist contractors. However, modern technology and improved foam chemistry, has greatly simplified the process. Handi-Foam Kits are the result of these technological advances, and come as self contained kits, which require no specialist training to use and no power to operate. The kits are ideal for DIY insulation projects. Spraying polyurethane foam is a straight forward process and can be done without previous experience. It is similar to spray painting i.e. point and spray. All you need to do is  follow the simple list of operating instructions:

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Warm the tanks to 29-30 degrees C
  • Shake the tanks!
  • Change or clean the nozzle regularly

Follow these key points, and insulating will be a simple task. For a photographic guide to using the Handi-Foam system, follow this link to our spraying photo guide We are happy to provide free advice to help you to save a considerable amount of time and money by doing it yourself.  However, please do not hesitate to ask us to quote on any job should you prefer. The following links will take you to pages which give further details to help you in your DIY spray foam project:

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