Using Handi-Foam Kits - Photo Guide

Unpacking your kit

Stick thermometer on the bottom of the cylinder

Shake both cylinders well

Apply vaseline to the spray gun

Attach hoses to correct cylinders

Attach hoses to correct cylinders

Tighten hose connections

Fully open valves on cylinders

Attach clean nozzle

Clip nozzle on securely

Disengage safety clip

Now you are ready to spray! Remember to depress the trigger only 1/4 to 1/2 when spraying to avoid overspray, and to ensure better control.

insulating an agricultural barn
insulating a loft with spray foam
insulating narrowboats and yachts
insulating barn conversions
condensation prevention in warehouses
roof insulation with Handi-foam
insulating between timber studs in a wooden frame construction