Spa Bath, Jacuzzi and Hot-tub Insulation

Spa baths, jacuzzis and hot-tubs provide an excellent way to escape the winter blues with a glass of your favourite champagne! This assumes of course, that the water is nice and warm.

Insulating a hot tub

Foam covers are available for most hot-tubs, and these are designed to reduce heat loss from the surface for the tub, but what about the underside of your jacuzzi or hot tub? Often, little or no consideration is given to this heat loss from the underside. Sprayed polyurethane foam is a great way to prevent excessive heat loss from your jacuzzi or spa bath, and helps reduce energy costs. The foam is sprayed onto the underside of the bath preferably before installation provides excellent hot-tub insulation. It is also possible if the tub is already installed if sufficient access can be gained through removing some of the cover panels. Hot-tub insulation can then be sprayed in through the removed panel.

Spray foam kits are available in various sizes to suit your requirements. Please visit our product page for more information. Our DIY page also provides useful tips for doing it yourself.

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