Sprayed Polyurethane Foam - General Information

Handi-Foam is a two component polyurethane foam suitable for insulating, sealing etc. The foam is supplied in 2 separate pressurised cylinders and the components are mixed in a specially designed nozzle to produce a foam. No external power source is required to produce and apply the foam. The components react chemically to produce a foam which cures to form a rigid closed cell structure which is impervious to moisture. The foam will adhere to most surfaces. Handi-foam is available in two cure rates:


Quick Cure Spray Foam

This foam cures rapidly and is tack free in 30-60 seconds, and cuttable in 3 minutes. It is designed for spraying onto surfaces e.g. walls and the underside of roofs. The cured foam has a density of approximately 28 kg/m3.

The insulation value of the foam is excellent with and under normal circumstances will provide a U-value of less than 0.025W/m2.K at a thickness of 3 inches.


Slow-rise Injection Foam

This foam cures more slowly, is tack free in approximately 90 seconds, and is cuttable in around 5 minutes. It is best suited to applications where the foam is required to flow before curing e.g. filling voids, moulds etc. The foam has a cured density of approximately 32 kg/m3.

For detailed technical information on both products, please follow this link to the technical data sheets.



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