Which Nozzle is Best for My Application?

The are two types of nozzle available. Both have their own advantages depending on the application.

Fan-tipped Nozzles

This is the most widely used spray foam nozzle as it produces a flat wide spray pattern useful for covering large areas quickly and evenly.

fan tip nozzle

Use this nozzle for

  • Insulation of large areas e.g. lofts, walls, roofs, barns
  • Insulating self storage containers

Cone Nozzles

This nozzle is ideal where a more concentrated jet of foam is required. The pattern is cone-shaped and is ideal for smaller areas. Ideal applications include:

cone shaped nozzle
  • Filling joints and voids e.g. cold stores
  • Cavity walls (when used with plastic tubing)
  • Repair jobs e.g. refrigerated transport containers, dormer windows
  • Unusual architectural applications
  • Narrow batten spacing

Plastic Injection Tubing

Plastic injection tubing is used in conjunction with the cone nozzle for injection into cavities, voids and moulds. The tubing is cut into short lengths (max 50cm) and pushed over the end of the nozzle. The tubing reduces the velocity of the foam and allows the user to control the direction of the foam by bending the tube down into a cavity

foam injection tubing

insulating an agricultural barn
insulating a loft with spray foam
insulating narrowboats and yachts
insulating barn conversions
condensation prevention in warehouses
roof insulation with Handi-foam
insulating between timber studs in a wooden frame construction