Bourne Method - Innovative Boat Building

One of the most innovative methods of building boats is the Bourne method bourneboats.com, which uses sprayed polyurethane foam as an integral part of the construcution of GRP boats. What's really different about this method is that the boat is built from the inside out. The Bourne method brings numerous advantages to the yacht builder:

  • Rapid construction time
  • The hull is built without frames or moulds
  • Bouyancy is integral to the construction
  • Minimal skills are required
  • Construction method results in a strong, true hull

Construction using the Bourne method

The first step in the construction is to create the basic hull shape with steel mesh normally used in the construcion industry.

compound curve in steel mesh

Complex curves are achieved rapidly and with ease. This method of construction can be used for most kinds of hull construction, including hard chine and radius chine.

The next step is fitting out the boat. At this stage the hull is incomplete.

professionally finished interior

The interior can be finished to a professional level. As the hull is still a mesh construction at this point, feeding wires and other services behind wall panels is a simple task that can be done from the outside.

The deck is then foamed with spray on polyurethane foam. The foam is then sanded and faired before the deck is fibreglassed.

Polyurethane foam is then sprayed onto the "hull" where it encapsulates the steel mesh. The foam cures rapidly and can be sanded back to achieve a smooth, true hull.

After sanding the foam the final stage is fibreglassing the hull. The resulting hull is true, strong and was built without the need for frames or moulds.

For more information of this unique method of boat building, visit Peter Bourne's website at www.bourneboats.com.au

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