Expanding Foam Systems - Spray Foam & Injection Foam Kits

We have expanding foam systems for both spray applied foam applications and applications where injection foam is required. All the foam kits consist of the following parts:

  • Pre-pressurised Foam tanks containing the chemicals
  • A hose and gun assembly for mixing and applying the foam
  • Special nozzles to suit the application (sprayed foam, injection nozzles, caulking nozzles)

Gun & hose assemblies are reusable i.e. you can purchase multiple sets of tanks and use one gun set. Nozzles are consumables and we recommend using a minimum of 10 nozzles per set of tanks.


Foamseal 200 Expanding Foam System

This is a disposable expanding foam kit, which will produce approximately 200 board feet (200 square feet at 1" thick) of expanded foam. It is available as a spray foam.

This size of kit is ideally suited to small to medium DIY spray insulation projects like roof, wall and ceiling insulation.
This model foam kit comprises 2 foam tanks (A & B component) and requires a separate 10ft hose and foam spray gun assembly, 10 nozzles, vaseline and wrench to connect the foam spray gun to the foam tanks.

Best used for medium size jobs like:

  • Dormer window insulation
  • Stage prop foam & art
  • Sealing cold store joints
  • Insulating small areas

How much coverage do I get with this kit?

Complete Foamseal kit (tanks & gun set): 298.80 (incl. VAT)


Foamseal 600 Expanding Foam System

This is a disposable expanding foam kit supplied with each of the 2 foam components in separate boxes. This kit will produce approximately 600 board feet (600 square feet at 1" thick) of expanded foam, and is available as a spray foam or an injection foam. Spray-on foam & Injection foam explained

This foam kit includes a 10ft hose and gun assembly, 10 nozzles, vaseline and a wrench. Separate replacement foam tanks can also be ordered where the foam spray gun is re-used.

Best used for large jobs like:

  • Boat insulation
  • Loft and roof insulation
  • Cellar insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Garage insulation

How much coverage do I get with this kit?

Special Offer!
Complete kit including Foamseal 600 foam tanks & gun set

648.00 (incl VAT)

Kit type:


Spray Foam Nozzles

Spare nozzles to fit the medium and large foam kits are available if required.

Three types of nozzles are available: Injection nozzles, Cone nozzles which produce a precision cone-shaped spray pattern, and fan-tip nozzles which produce a flat fan-shaped pattern which is suitable for spraying foam onto large flat areas like lofts, ceilings, walls and roofs . Click here for more detail on the nozzle types.

Price: 10.00 (incl. VAT)
Nozzle type:

Gun & Hose Assemblies

Spare Gun Assemblies are available

Each set is supplied complete with 10 nozzles, wrench & vaseline.

2.9m (10 foot) kit: 84.00 (incl VAT)


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Foam Coverage Chart

Kit size 25mm thickness 50mm thickness 75mm thickness 100mm thickness
Small kit FP-180 16m2 8m2 5.3m2 4m2
Large Kit FP-600 55m2 27.5m2 18m2 13.8m2